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SCHÜTT, shụt. Two islands in the Danube, situated in the Hungarian plain between Pressburg and Komorn, and mostly in these two counties. Great Schütt Island is bordered by the Danube proper on the south and west, and by the Little Danube and the Schwarzwasser (Oeregduna) (Map: Hungary, E 3). It is 58 miles long, from 10 to 20 miles wide, and is subject to the floods of the rivers, being low and even. Owing to its rich soil, it is called the Golden Garden of Hungary. Grain, fruits, and vegetables are raised. There are sugar factories. It has several towns, including Komorn, which is situated in the southeast corner of the island. The total population is about 23,500. — Little Schütt Island, bordered by the Danube proper on the north and east, and by the Wieselburger Danube, and lying to the southwest of Great Schütt Island, is 28 miles long. It belongs to the counties of Kaab and Wieselburg.