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SCHARF, shärf, John Thomas (1843-98). An American antiquary and historian, born in Baltimore, Md. He served in both the Confederate army and navy, was several times wounded, and once narrowly escaped being put to death as a spy. Later he engaged in journalism and in Baltimore was at different times editor of the Evening News, Sunday Telegram, and Morning Herald. He devoted much attention to history, and made a collection of many thousands of documents, pamphlets, and other historical material, which he gave in 1891 to Johns Hopkins University. His publications include: Chronicles of Baltimore (1874); History of Maryland (3 vols., 1879-80); History of Baltimore City and County (1881); History of Western Maryland (2 vols., 1882); History of Philadelphia (3 vols., 1884); History of the Confederate States Navy (1887); and History of Delaware (1888).