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SCHMIDT, Oskar (1823-86). A German zoölogist, born at Torgau. After studying at Halle and Berlin, he began to lecture on zoölogy at Jena in 1846, became professor there in 1849, and successively at Cracow (1855), Graz (1857), and Strassburg (1872). His reputation is based upon the handbook of comparative anatomy, the 9th ed. of which, by Lang, was issued under the title Lehrbuch der vergleichenden Anatomie der wirbellosen Tiere (1888-94). He also wrote a Lehrbuch der Zoologie (1853), and for advanced classes Leitfaden der Zoologie (4th ed. 1882). From 1860 he devoted himself more especially to the investigation of Spongiæ, and published on this subject several treatises. His other writings include: Goethes Verhältnis zu den organischen Naturwissenschaften (1853); Das Alter der Menschheit und das Paradies, with Franz Unger (1866); Descendenzlehre und Darwinismus (1873, 3d ed. 1884); and Die Säugethiere in ihrem Verhältnis zur Vorwelt (1884).