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SCHULZE, Friedrich Gottlob (1795-1860). A German economist, born at Obergävernitz, near Meissen, and hence called Schulze-Gävernitz. He was educated at Leipzig and Jena; became professor in the latter university in 1821, and, after founding there an agricultural institute, the first connected with a German university, in 1832 went to Greifswald, where he established a similar training school. These institutions exercised great influence throughout Germany. In 1839 he returned to Jena. Schulze wrote Deutsche Blätter für Landwirtschaft und Nationalökonomie (1843-59), Nationalökonomie oder Volkswirtschaftslehre (1856), and the posthumous Lehrbuch der allgemeinen Landwirtschaft (1863). A memorial to him was erected at Jena in 1867. Consult: Birnbaum, Schulze als Reformator der Landwirtschaftslehre (Frankfort, 1800), and the biography by his son, Hermann (Heideldberg, 1888).