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SCHUMACHER, shōō'mäG-ẽr, Heinrich Christian (1780-1850). A Danish astronomer, born at Bramstedt, Holstein. He studied at Kiel, Jena, Copenhagen, and Göttingen. In 1810 he became adjunct professor of astronomy in Copenhagen. In 1813 he was appointed director of the Mannheim observatory, and in 1815 professor of astronomy and director of the Copenhagen observatory. In 1822 he published tables of the distances of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Venus from the moon. In 1822 he began the publication of his Astronomische Nachrichten, which is still continued in an unbroken series, and is regarded as perhaps the most important of astronomical periodicals. He also published, in coöperation with other eminent astronomers, Astronomisches Jahrbuch (1836-44).