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SEL′KIRKSHIRE (anciently called Ettrick Forest). A southeastern county of Scotland, bounded by the counties of Midlothian, Roxburgh, Dumfries, and Peebles, on the north, east, south, and west respectively (Map: Scotland, E 4). Area, 267 square miles; pojoilation, in 1801, 5390; in 1851, 9800; in 1901, 23,340. It consists mainly of the two parallel valleys through which flow the rivers Ettrick and Yarrow. It is largely a pastoral county. The mountains, the highest of which is Dun Rig (2433 feet), are rounded at the top instead of peaked, and are covered generally with grass, affording excellent pasturage. The former extensive woods have disappeared. Capital, Selkirk. Consult: Craig-Brown, History of Selkirkshire (Edinburgh, 1886); Douglas, “A History of the Border Counties,” in County Histories of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1899).