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SLOANE, William Milligan (1850—). An American educator and historian, born at Richmond, Jefferson County, Ohio. He graduated at Columbia College. New York City, in 1868, and from then till 1872 was instructor in classics at Newell School, Pittsburg, Pa. Then he became private secretary to George Bancroft, who was United States Minister to Germany, and while in Germany studied history under Mommsen and Droysen. In 1883 he was made professor of history in the College of New Jersey (Princeton), a position which he resigned in 1896 to become professor of history at Columbia University. From 1885 to 1888 he was editor of the New Princeton Review. He published the Life and Work of James Renwick Wilson Sloane (1888), The French War and the Revolution (1896), Napoleon Bonaparte (1895-97), and Life of James McCosh (1896).