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SPIRÆA (Lat., from Gk. σπειραία, speiraia, meadow-sweet, from σπεῖρα, speira, coil, twist, spire; so called from the sliape of the follicles). A large genus of herbs and low deciduous shrubs of the natural order Rosaceæ, natives of the Northern Hemisphere. Dropwort (Spiræa filipendula) and meadow-sweet or queen of the meadow (Spiræa ulmaria) are European species. Two other species are shown on the accompanying plate. Many species are cultivated in shrubberies for their flowers.


1 NIE 1905 Spiræa - Hardhack.jpg  2 NIE 1905 Spiræa - Willow-Leaved Spiræa.jpg
3 NIE 1905 Spiræa - Shadbush.jpg  4 NIE 1905 Spiræa - Saxifrage.jpg

1. HARDHACK (Spiræa tomentosa).   3. SHADBUSH (Amelanchier Canadensis).
2. WILLOW-LEAVED SPIRÆA (Spiræa salicifolia).   4. SAXIFRAGE (Saxifraga Virginiensis).