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Edition of 1905. See also Surabaya on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

SURABAYA, or SOERABAYA. The largest city in Java, and the capital of the Residency of Surabaya, situated in the eastern part of the north coast, at the mouth of the Kediri River, two days by rail from Batavia; latitude 7° 12′ S., longitude 112° 34′ E. (Map: East India Islands, D 6). It has regular steam communication with the other cities in the island and archipelago. It has a good harbor and strong fortifications and is the military and naval headquarters of the Dutch East Indies. The houses are generally separated by gardens. Simpang, the suburb, contains the home of the resident and a large hospital. The shipbuilding industry is important. The trade in rice, coffee, cotton, sugar, tobacco, and cocoanuts is very extensive. Population, in 1897, 142,980, of whom 6988 were Europeans, 121,075 natives, and 12,133 Chinese.