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THIELMANN, tēl'mȧn, Johann Adolf, Baron (1765-1824). A Prussian general, born at Dresden. He entered a Saxon regiment in 1782, served through the Rhine campaigns, and was engaged on the side of Prussia in the battle of Jena in 1806. He was next sent by Saxony as Ambassador to Napoleon I., became his ardent admirer, and did much to bring about the Franco-Saxon Alliance. He served with the French as major in the campaign of 1807; fought at Friedland in that year, was made major-general, and operated against the Austrians in Saxony. In the Russian campaign of 1812 he commanded a brigade of cavalry and for exceptional bravery in the battle af Borodino was made a baron. As commander of Torgau in the early part of 1813 he entered into communications with the Allies, and on being ordered by the Saxon King to deliver the town to the French, resigned his post and went over to the enemy. He was given command of a Saxon corps which participated in the invasion of France in 1814. He next joined the Prussian Army (1815), and led the Third Army Corps at Ligny and at Wavre, contributing materially to the victory at Waterloo.