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WAHLBERG, väl'bĕrK. Alfred Leonard (1834—). A Swedish landscape painter, born in Stockholm. He studied at the Düsseldorf Academy under Jude, and in 1866 removed to Paris, where he settled, becoming the pupil of Corot and Daubigny. His work has poetic sentiment, sobriety, simplicity, and realism. His landscapes, usually chosen from Sweden or the banks of the Oise, include “Forests and Waterfall” (1863); “View at Fjellbacka” (1868); “An October Day” (1873, now in New York City); “Morning in the Forests of Eure” (1894); “Storm on the Plains of Anoers” (1894); “Gullmarsfjord,” and views of the Oise, of Finistère, and of Sweden, at the Exposition of 1900.