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WELD (Dutch wouw, Swed., Dan. vau, Ger. Wau, weld; of unknown etymology), Woold, Dyer's Rocket, Dyer's Weed, or Yellow Weed (Reseda Luteola). A plant of the natural order Resedaceæ and of the same genus as mignonette (q.v.), a native of waste places in many parts of Europe and introduced in some places in the Eastern United States. It is cultivated to some extent for dyeing. Good weld must have flowers of a beautiful yellow or greenish color, and abound in leaves; that which is small, thin-stemmed, and yellow is better than that which is large, thick-stemmed, and green; that which grows on dry, sandy soils is better than that produced on rich and moist soils. For the greatest production of coloring matter the plant should be cut before the fruits show much development, otherwise the pigment diminishes. Though in part supplanted by chemical dyes, weld is still a valuable dyestuff. It serves equally for linen, woolen, and silk, dyeing with proper management all shades of yellow, and producing a bright and beautiful color. Large quantities of weld are exported from France.