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WISLICENUS, Johannes (1835-1902). A German chemist, born at Kleineichstädt, near Querfurt, Prussian Saxony, a son of Gustav Adolf Wislicenus. He studied at Halle, then went with his father to the United States, and for a time was an assistant at Harvard. In 1861 he became professor in the canton school of Zurich; in 1864 was called to the tiniversity there, and in 1870 became professor in the Polytechnic Institute at Zurich, of which in the following year he was made director. A year later he accepted a chair in Würzburg, and in 1885 in Leipzig. He did important work upon the alcohols, upon the salts, upon lactic acid, and upon acetic ether. Among his published works are Theorie der gemischten Typen, (1859) and Lehrbuch der Chemie (9th ed. 1876-81).