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WORME'LEY, Katharine Prescott (1830—). An American translator and author, born in Ipswich, England. The daughter of a British admiral, she came to the United States in girlhood and first gained distinction by her active interest in the relief of Union soldiers during the Civil War. In this connection she published: The United States Sanitary Commission (1863); Letters from Headquarters During the Peninsular Campaign (1862); and The Other Side of War (1888). She translated the works of Balzac (40 vols., 1883-97), Molière (6 vols., 1892), and other works from the French, and wrote a Life of Balzac (1890). Her sisters, Mary Elizabeth (Wormeley) Latimer (1822-1904) and Ariana Randolph (Wormeley) Curtis (1835—), were authors also, the former having published a number of volumes dealing popularly with modern European history.