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YUNG WING (1828—). A Chinese scholar and educator. He was born near Macao, of humble parentage, entered a mission at eight years of age, and later the Morrison School, under the Rev. S. R. Brown, and was by him brought to America in 1847. He became a Christian, and devoted his life to the welfare of China. He graduated at Yale College (1854), the first of his race to take a degree from an American college. He conceived a plan for having Chinese youth of promise brought to America for education. He returned to China in 1855. In 1871 his plan was adopted by the Government, and the sum of $1,500,000 granted. He was made chief commissioner of the Chinese educational mission, and then placed 112 Chinese young men under a fifteen years' course of instruction in the United States. He was made a mandarin of the second grade, intendant of the Province of Kiangsu, and was for a while Associate Minister to the United States. He returned to the United States in June, 1902, and has since resided in Hartford, Conn.