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ZWIRNER, tsvēr'nẽr, Ernst Friedrich (1802-61). A German architect, born at Jakobswalde, Silesia, and educated at Breslau and Berlin. Intrusted in 1833 with the superintendence of the restoration of Cologne Cathedral, he submitted to King Frederick William IV., in 1841, a project for completing the structure, which was approved of and afterwards carried to the end by Richard Voigtel (1829-1902). Among other edifices erected by this thorough master of the Gothic style may be mentioned the Apollinariskirche at Remagen on the Rhine (1839-53), the castle of the Prince of Furstenberg in Herdringen, Castle Argenfels on the Rhine, Castle Moyland near Cleves, churches in Elberfeld and Mülheim, and the synagogue at Cologne (1859-61).