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Alfonso XIII, king of Spain, is the son of Alfonso XII of Spain and of Maria Christina, Archduchess of Austria. Alfonso XIII was born on May 17, 1886, shortly after the death of his father, and during his minority his mother acted as regent. Before he ascended the throne, there were serious uprisings in the Philippine Islands and in Cuba. In 1898 war broke out between the United States and Spain, and as a result of it Spain lost Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippines. The young king took the oath of office May 17, 1902, and shows strong tendencies towards progressiveness in government. In 1906, he married the Princess Victoria Eugenia, daughter of the late Prince Henry of Battenburg and Princess Beatrice, youngest child of Queen Victoria of England. An heir to the throne was born May 10, 1907. Another son was born June 22, 1908.