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Andalusia (ăn' dȧ-lōō' shĭ'-ȧ), the most southern district of Spain. It is crossed by the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is watered by the Guadalquivir River. Here the Moors set up their famous kingdom and threatened to overrun Europe. The Andalusian towns, Seville, Cordova, Jaen and Granada were the Moorish capitals. The present Andalusians are like the Moors in looks and manners, but are a mixed race, descended from Africans, Carthaginians, Romans, Goths and Vandals as well as Moors. The climate of Andalusia is delightful, and the country is rich in grains and fruit. It has also considerable mineral wealth. Its area is 34,000 square miles. Population of the eight provinces included in the area, 3,562,606.