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The New Student's Reference Work  (1914) 
Bremer, Frederika

Bremer (brē′mẽr), Frederika, a well-known Swedish novelist, was born in Finland in 1801, but was brought up near Stockholm, Sweden. She wrote verses as a child; and was well-educated, finishing her studies in Paris. Her first and best novel, The Neighbors, was translated into German, French, Dutch, Russian and English, and gave her a wide fame. After writing several other stories, she traveled through many countries, writing descriptions of the people in her Homes of the New World and Life in the Old World and in many other works. She spent two years in the United States and was cordially received everywhere. The latter years of her life were largely given up to thought and work for women. She has been called the Jane Austen of Sweden. Among her best books are The Diary, The President's Daughter and Brothers and Sisters. She died in 1865.