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Brown, Elmer Ellsworth. Born in Chatauqua County, New York, in 1861, Mr. Brown graduated from the Illinois State Normal University in 1881, and afterward studied both in the University of Michigan and abroad, receiving his degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Halle, Germany, in 1890. He was principal of schools in Belvidere, Ill., for three years, and in Jackson, Mich., for one year. From 1884 to 1887 he was assistant state secretary of the Y. M. C. A. in Illinois. After returning from Germany, Mr. Brown became assistant professor of the science and art of teaching in the University of Michigan, and in 1893 he became professor of the theory and practice of education in the University of California. In 1906 President Roosevelt appointed him as successor to Dr. William T. Harris in the office of United States Commissioner of Education. He is the author of The Making of Our Middle Schools.