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Celts or Kelts, an Aryan or Indo-European race that spread over Europe in early times. There seem to have been two migrations, the first Celts conquering and driving westward the native peoples, who were of the Ivernian race, and in turn being driven and conquered by the second horde of their countrymen. There was no common Celtic name by which all Celts were known to the Romans, but they were known as Galli or Celtæ. The Celts intermarried with the natives they conquered, and with the Romans and Saxons who conquered them; but some of them have remained more or less distinct, as the Irish, Bretons, Scotch Highlanders and Welsh. The language of the Irish and Scotch is called Gaelic; and a Gaelic dialect different from either of these, the Manx, is still spoken in the Isle of Man, while the Cornish dialect in the south of England, was spoken so late as a hundred and twenty-five years ago.