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Christina (krĭs-tē′ nä), queen of Sweden, the only child of the great Gustavus Adolphus, was born Dec. 17, 1626.  She succeeded her father when only six years old.  Beautiful and brilliant, she was given the schooling then only given to men.  She took the ruling power into her own hands in 1644, and six years later, in accordance with her mannish desires, was crowned king instead of queen.  She ruled ably for the next four years, but her wayward restlessness could not brook longer the restraints on her personal action which her position of queen made her keep, and she resigned the throne in favor of her cousin Charles, reserving, however, authority over her own household.  At this time, when but 28 years old, she traveled over Europe somewhat like a female knight-errant, now becoming very religious at Brussels, now entering Rome on horseback dressed as an amazon, and later shocking Paris by having her grand equerry put to death in her own household for treason.  Tired of this wandering life, she thought the death of Charles a good chance to become queen again.  But in this she failed.  She died at Rome, April 19, 1689.