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Cleveland, Stephen Grover, was born at Caldwell, New Jersey, March 18, 1837. He began to practice law at Buffalo in 1859. He was assistant district-attorney for three years, and in 1870 was chosen sheriff and, later, mayor of Buffalo. In 1882 he was elected governor of New York by 190,000 majority. After an exciting canvass he was elected president of the United States in 1884, receiving 219 electoral votes. The most important act of his administration was his message to congress in 1887 in which he announced a tariff policy on which the election of 1888 turned, when Mr. Cleveland was defeated by General Harrison, receiving 168 electoral votes to Harrison's 233. During his term as president he married Miss Frances Folsom of Buffalo, who brought social success and popularity to his administration. In 1892 he was nominated a third time for the presidency, and was elected, defeating General Harrison. His second administration added to his fame as a wise and able executive. Retiring to private life at Princeton, N. J., he there interested himself in delivering addresses at Princeton University, a collection of which he published in 1904. His death occurred June 24, 1908 at his New Jersey home.