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Cotopaxi (kō′tō̇-păks′ě), the highest volcano in the world, is a peak of the Andes, in Ecuador, 33 miles from Quito. The earliest volcanic outburst of which we know took place in 1532 and 1533. Many others have happened since. In 1744 its thunderings could be heard 500 miles away; in 1768 occurred the worst eruption, when ashes were carried 130 miles. The mountain is a perfect snow-crowned cone. Smoke can be seen issuing from the crater, sounds like explosions are sometimes heard, and at night a glow is noticed on the sky above the volcano. There is little lava, but during an outburst flame, smok and great quantities of ashes are thrown out. Cotopaxi was first climbed in 1872 by Wilhelm Reiss, who gives the height of the northwest peak as 19,498 feet and the southwest peak as 19,429 feet. The last eruptions were in 1877.