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Coul′ter, John Merle, a great authority on American botany and head-professor of botany at the University of Chicago, was born at Ningpo, China, of American parentage, Nov. 20, 1851. After graduating at Hanover College, Indiana, he spent a year as botanist on the U. S. geological survey in the Rocky Mountains. He was afterward successively professor of natural sciences in his alma mater; professor of biology at Wabash College; president of the University of Indiana; and president (1893-96) of Lake Forest University. Since 1896 he has been attached to the University of Chicago, in charge of his special department. His published works include a Synopsis of the Flora of Colorado; a Manual of Rocky Mountain Botany; Handbook of Plant Dissection; Manual of the Botany of Western Texas; and an edition, as editor, of Gray's Manual of Botany.