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Dakotas (dȧ-kō′tȧs), a tribe of Indians residing between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi. Their language is thought to be nearer the Mongolian than that of any other Indian family. It is said that they came eastward from the Pacific till they met the Algonquins, and were held in check by them at the Mississippi. One tribe, the Winnebagoes, fought their way through to Lake Michigan. Another tribe, the Arkansas, settled on the Ohio, but were driven down the Mississippi to the region that now bears their name. The other tribes of the family are the Assiniboin or Stone Sioux, the Dakotas proper or Sioux, the Missouris, Omahas, Poncas, Iowas, Osages, Kansas, Ottoes, Minnetarees and Crows. It is now asserted that the Sioux followed the buffalo westward from the Atlantic across the Mississippi. There are some 30,000 Dakotas.