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Dantzic (dant′zĭk), an important seaport and capital of West Prussia, and a fortress of the first rank, stands on the bank of the western branch of the Vistula. It is about four miles from the river's mouth, in the Gulf of Dantzic, an inlet of the Baltic. Dantzic was an important town in the 10th century, and passed through various hands. Since 1793 it has been a city of Prussia, except during the time of Napoleon, when it existed as a separate dukedom. Several old churches and monasteries, with the town-hall and exchange, are the chief buildings. Dantzic was at one time a prominent member of the Hanseatic league, and is still one of the chief commercial cities of northern Europe. Besides its large trade by sea, river and railroad, there are many manufactures, including beer, sugar, tobacco, iron-works, etc. There is a library of 100,000 volumes. Population, 170,347.