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Dijon (dē̇′zhôn′), the former capital of the old duchy of Burgundy and the chief city of the French department of Côte-d' Or, is situated on a plain at the foot of Mt. Afrique, 1,916 feet in height. It is an important place as a part of the inner line of French defenses, and the neighboring hills are crowned with strong forts. It is a well-built town, with broad streets and open squares, boulevards and beautiful surroundings. The Gothic cathedral, which dates from the 13th century, has a spire 301 feet high. Dijon, known to the Romans as Dibio, passed in the 5th century from Burgundy to France. In the 9th century it was ruled by its own counts. In 1007 it was united to the duchy of Burgundy and made its capital. It became French territory in 1479. It yielded to a German army in 1870. Population, 76,847.