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Emin Pasha or Bey, proper name Eduard Schnitzer, was born at Oppeln, Silesia, in 1840. He studied medicine, and in 1864 went to Turkey, where he became a well-known physician. He learned to speak Turkish and Arabic easily, and adopted Turkish habits and customs. He also adopted the name Emin, which means the faithful one. In 1876 he joined the Egyptian service, and proceeded as chief physician to the equatorial province, of which he was made governor in 1878 by “Chinese” Gordon. Here the sudden rising of the Mahdi shut him up and out of the world. The expedition sent under Stanley for his rescue reached him in May, 1888. In 1890 he entered the German service and at once made his way again to Central Africa. He was, however, killed in 1892 by Arabs near Nyangwe. See Stanley's In Darkest Africa.