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Gosse, Philip Henry, British zoologist, was born at Worcester, England, April 6, 1810, and died at Torquay, Devon, Aug. 23, 1888. His early life he spent in Newfoundland, after which he spent three years as a farmer in western Canada and a year in Alabama as a school-teacher. He then went to Jamaica for a short while, where he developed his tastes as a naturalist, and returned to England, where, with the exception of a further brief visit to the West Indies, he settled down to literary work, and, in 1856, was elected a fellow of the Royal Society. His publications embrace Letters from Alabama, The Canadian Naturalist, Birds of Jamaica, A Naturalist's Sojourn in Jamaica, Text-Book of Zoology, A Naturalist's Rambles, The Aquarium, Handbook of Marine Aquarium, Marine Zoology, Evenings at the Microscope, Romance of Natural History and Land and Sea.