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Gutenberg (gōō′ten-bĕrg), Johannes, the inventor of printing with movable type, was born about 1400 in Mainz (Mayence), Germany. His proper name was Gensfleisch or Gansfleisch, which means Goose flesh. In 1434 he lived in Strassburg, teaching stonecutting, mirror-polishing and other similar arts. Between 1444 and 1448 he returned to Mainz, where, in 1449 or 1450, he entered into a partnership with Johannes Faust, who furnished the money to set up a printing-press. This partnership was dissolved in 1455 by Faust bringing a suit against Gutenberg to recover money advanced, and Faust gained control of the press. Gutenberg however, assisted by Dr. Homery, set up another press, at which he wrought until his death in 1468. A bronze monument, the work of Thorwaldsen, has been erected to his memory at Mainz. There are a few copies preserved of books printed by him, which bring enormous prices. See Memoirs of Celebrated Characters by Lamartine.