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Guyot (gḗ yṓ′), Arnold, a geographer, was born in Switzerland in 1807, "took his degree in Berlin in 1835, was the colleague of Agassiz at Neuchâtel during 1839-48, and in that year came to America with him. A course of lectures delivered by Guyot at Lowell Institute, Boston, was translated and published under the title of Earth and Man in 1853. He was appointed professor of physical geography and geology at Princeton in 1854, and manager of the meteorological department of Smithsonian Institute, where he delivered courses of lectures, publishing in connection therewith Meteorological and Physical Tables and a Treatise on Physical Geography. From 1874 to 1877 he was joint-editor of Johnson's Cyclopedia. Guyot died at Princeton, N. J., Feb. 8, 1884.