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Hasdrubal (hăs′drō-bal) was the name of several Carthaginian generals, of whom the most famous was the son-in-law of Hamilcar and brother-in-law of Hannibal. Hasdrubal accompanied Hamilcar into Spain in 237 B. C., and gave effective aid in the building up of a Carthaginian dominion in that peninsula. On the death of Hamilcar, 228 B. C., Hasdrubal ruled the new empire and advanced its frontier from the Guadalquivir to the Tagus, and founded a new capital, the modern Carthagena. He was very successful in conciliating the Iberian tribes, and mainly extended his rule by peaceful means. The Roman treaty fixing the frontier line at the Ebro was made with Hasdrubal — not with Carthage — so independent was he of the home government. He was assassinated by a Celtic slave in 221 B. C. Another Hasdrubal was Hannibal's own brother.