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79957The New Student's Reference Work — Jerome, Saint

Jerome (jḗ-rōm′ or jĕr′ōm), Saint, was born at Stridon, on the borders of Dalmatia and Pannonia, sometime between 341 and 345 A. D. His parents were Christians. His early education was under the care of his father, and he afterward studied at Rome. In 386 he retired to Bethlehem, and was followed by many persons who wished to be taught by one so learned and pious as he had become during years of service in the church. Here were founded four convents, one for monks and three for nuns. Jerome himself presided over the former. It was in this sacred retreat that he completed the writings which have made him so famous. His revision of the Latin New Testament and translation of the Old Testament were wonderful achiev-ments, and originated churchly Latin. He died at Bethlehem on Sept. 30, 420. His works consist mainly of Scripture commentaries and theological treatiases. He was the supreme scholar of the ancient church. See Jerome by E. L. Cutts, in The Fathers for English Readers.