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Joubert (you′ bĕrt), Petrus Jacobus, a Boer general, was born at Congo, Cape Colony, in 1833.  He was state-attorney for Transvaal in 1867, and was prominent in affairs long before events gave his name to the world in later times.  In his military career he first distinguished himself by the defeat of Gen. Sir George Colley at Majuba Hill in 1881.  In 1896 he was prominent in causing the surrender of Dr. Jameson, following the latter’s famous raid that year.  In the later war with England General Joubert became known as an able tactician in the kind of warfare practiced by the Boers.  He was in command of the force that besieged Ladysmith, and repulsed General Buller at Chieveley.  He died of disease at Pretoria, March 27, 1900.