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Labouchère (lȧ′bo͞o′shâr′), Henry, an English journalist and parliamentarian, was born at London in 1831. Educated at Eton, he afterwards entered the diplomatic service and served as an attaché at a number of the most important embassies. He was elected to the English parliament in 1865, but was unseated in the following year. He was elected again in 1867, and went abroad in 1868. As correspondent for the London Daily News, he sent news-matter from Paris during the siege by means of carrier pigeons. Returning to England, he was in 1880 again elected to parliament for Northampton, and represented it until 1906. He edited and published a journal called Truth, in which he frequently gave vent to his radical ideas by assailing royalty and the aristocracy. In 1900 he was denounced in the Commons for holding correspondence with the official burghers of the South African Republic before the Boer War, but did not lose his seat. In his later years he spent much time in Italy where he died, in Florence, Jan. 16, 1912.