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London, Jack, novelist, a new force in letters, hailing from California, but a wanderer and “tramp” whose career has been as romantic and exciting as that of any of the characters in his books. So realistic is he that he has been termed the New World Kipling. Born in 1876 in San Francisco, Mr. London studied for a while at the University of California, but early took to voyaging, serving as a sailor before the mast and generally pursuing a roving life, not only in this country and in Canada, but abroad, and that chiefly on pedestrian tours. He also acted as a war correspondent during the Russo-Japanese War. Many of his books are frankly socialistic, especially The War of the Classes and The People of the Abyss. His novels and stories, which gave insight into the hearts of undisciplined men, embrace The Sea Wolf, The Call of the Wild, The Cruise of the Dazzler, The Son of the Wolf, Tales of the Fish Patrol and The Children of the Frost.