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Lucullus (lū̇-kŭl′lŭs), a distinguished Roman general, was born about 110 B. C. In 74 B. C. he defeated Mithradates, king of Pontus, and almost annihilated his army on its retreat. Three years later Pontus became subject to the Romans. In 69 B. C. he marched into Armenia, and gained a complete victory over Tigranes, king of that country. In the following year he gained another great victory over Tigranes and Mithradates, but soon after was superseded by Pompey. As a member of the Roman aristocracy he attempted to check the power of the first triumvirate,—Pompey, Crassus and Cæsar; but, failing in his efforts, he soon retired altogether from public life, his great wealth enabling him to spend the remainder of his days in ease and luxury. He died about 57 B. C.