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Moody, William Henry, was born in Newbury, Mass., educated at Phillips Academy, Andover, and graduated from Harvard in 1876.  He took up the law, and became district-attorney of the east district of Massachusetts in 1890, serving till 1895.  He successfully prosecuted the “boodle” aldermen of Lawrence.  He was elected to the 54th Congress, and served also in the 55th, 56th and 57th Congresses.  During that time he gained the reputation of being a thorough master of the method of conducting the proceedings of the house; and he also was of much service in the important committee of appropriations.  On May 1, 1902, he was selected by President Roosevelt to succeed Mr. Long as Secretary of the Navy.  On July 1, 1904, he was appointed Attorney-General of the United States.  In 1906 he was appointed Supreme-Court Justice.  He has had charge of many of the important prosecutions which the government has conducted against offending corporations and their officers.