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Myxomycetes (miks-o-mĭ-sē′ tēz), organisms commonly called slime-moulds, which do not seem to be related to any group of plants and have raised the question as to whether they are to be regarded as plants or animals.  The ordinary body is a mass of naked protoplasm, called the plasmodium, suggesting the term slime.  This body slips along like a gigantic amœba.  Slime-moulds are common in forests, upon black soil, fallen leaves, decaying logs, and are slimy, yellow or orange masses, ranging from the size of a pin-head to that of a man’s hand.  In certain conditions these slimy bodies come to rest and organize elaborate and often very beautiful spore-cases.  As is often remarked, the body of these organisms is animal-like, while the sporangia are plant-like.