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Nicias (nish′ i-as), an Athenian statesman and general of the Peloponnesian war, was the son of the wealthy Niceratus.  After the death of Pericles, he was the political opponent of Cleon and later of Alcibiades.  In 427 B. C. he defeated the Spartans and Corinthians, and ravaged Minoa, Melos and Locris.  In 424 he ravaged Cythera and part of Laconia.  In 415 he was appointed one of the commanders against Sicily, and in the autumn laid siege to Syracuse.  At first successful, later his fleet was destroyed, his army began a retreat, and he was captured and put to death in 413 B. C.  See Plutarch’s Life of Nikias (edited by H. A. Holden).