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85290The New Student's Reference Work — Niebuhr, Barthold Georg

Niebuhr (nḗ′ bo͞or′), Barthold Georg, a distinguished modern historian, was born at Copenhagen, Aug. 27, 1776.  After careful study at Kiel, he devoted himself to the study of natural sciences at London and Edinburgh.  In 1800 he married and entered the Danish state service, from which he resigned in 1806 to enter the Prussian state service.  From 1810 to 1812 he gave a course of lectures at the new University of Berlin on Roman history.  From 1816 to 1823 he was German ambassador to the papal court.  He died at Bonn, Prussia, Jan. 2, 1813.  Some of his works are Lectures on the History of Rome, Lectures on Ancient History and History of Byzantium.