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Scutari (sko͞o′tä-rē), a town in Turkey, on the eastern shore of the Bosporus, opposite Constantinople, of which it is a suburb. It is built on the slopes of a hill, and has handsome mosques, bazars, a dervish college and factories of cotton, silk and leather goods. It is famed for its large cemeteries adorned with great cypress-trees, where many of the Turks from the city are buried, because it is the sacred soil of Asia. During the Crimean War the barracks and hospital of the English troops were at Scutari, and formed the scene of Florence Nightingale's labors. A marble obelisk marks the site of the English burial place. Population from 30,000 to 40,000. Scutari also is a government in Albania; area 4,170 square miles; population 294,100.