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Sokoto (sō′ kṓ-tṓ) is a Sudanese province of Northern Nigeria in Central Africa.  It lies between Bornu on the east, Gandu on the west, Benue River on the south and the Sahara on the north, and has an area of 200,000 square miles and a population of possibly 12,000,000.  The Fulahs are the ruling race, the Hausas and other Negro tribes the subject population.  The sultan in 1885 put his kingdom under British protection, granted the Niger Company a monopoly of trade, and afterward received a resident.  The country is fertile and well-watered, and has extensive deposits of excellent iron.  The people are intelligent, industrious and peaceful, good farmers, great traders and manufacturers of ironwork, muslin and shoes.  Sokoto the capital is a city of 80,000, and is well-built in the Moorish style.