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Stettin (stĕt-tēn'), a Prussian city, is the capital of Pomerania. It is on the Oder, 60 miles northeast of Berlin. The citadel and several forts which formed the ancient fortifications were removed in 1874. The churches of St. Peter (1124) and St. James, founded in the 14th century, the palace, town-hall, two ornamental arches and several fine squares are among the noticeable features. It is one of the chief seaports of Germany, and manufactures soap, matches, clothing, sugar, paper, sewing-machines and bricks; has oil-refineries; and engages extensively in shipbuilding. Stettin was the seat of a princely dynasty, 1107–1637; was occupied by Sweden, 1648–1720; and by the French, 1806–13. Population 236,145.