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Texas, University of, is at Austin, but its medical department is at Galveston. In 1839 the Texan republic took the first step to establishing this university, in 1858 the legislature of the state provided for organizing it, and in 1876 the constitution appropriated 1,000,000 acres to it. Incorporation came in 1881, and it opened in 1883, when 1,000,000 acres more were given. It is the crown of the Texan school-system, and is coëducational. It is governed by regents appointed by the governor, two every two years, for terms of eight years, the state senate confirming the nominations. It includes the departments of literature, science and arts; engineering; law; medicine (including a pharmaceutical school); and summer-schools. It has also had charge of the Texan mineral survey since 1901. The faculty numbers 140, the students 2,290, the library 60,000 volumes. The productive funds amount to $2,000,000, and the annual income is about $280,000.