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University of California, one of the largest and most important state universities in America, is situated at Berkeley, Cal., on San Francisco Bay. The view over the bay is strikingly beautiful. In addition to the buildings at Berkeley, which include an open air auditorium, built in the Greek style and with a seating capacity of 7,500, the University maintains the Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton; a University farm at Davisville, Yolo County, where practical agriculture and related sciences are taught; a laboratory of plant pathology at Whitten and a marine biological laboratory near San Diego. Its usefulness is greatly broadened by a department of university extension, and an institute of medical research founded in 1913. The growth of the university has been very rapid. In athletics a system of football has been developed which, it is asserted, is more scientific than the Rugby and safer than the American game. It is a result of study and experiment and has been carefully worked out.