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Waldersee (väl'dẽr-zā́ ), Count Alfred von, a German general, in command of the allied forces in China during the Boxer rising of 1900, was born at Potsdam, April 8, 1832, and entered the German army in 1850. He served with distinction through the war of 1866, and was chief of the general staff in the Franco-German War; he succeeded Von Moltke as chief of staff in 1888, and in 1891 became commander of the ninth army-corps. In 1895 he was created field-marshal, and in August, 1900, was appointed to the chief command in China of the allied armies engaged in suppressing the Boxer disturbances at Pekin and in the province of Pe-chili. In 1874 he married an American lady, widow of Prince Frederick of Schleswig-Holstein. He died in 1904.