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1955545The New Student's Reference Work — Wheeler, Benjamin Ide

Wheel′er, Benjamin Ide, president of the University of California since July 18, 1899, was born in Randolph, Mass., July 15, 1854. He graduated from Brown University in 1875. He received his A.M. in 1878; his Ph.D. from Heidelberg in 1885; and honorary LL.D from Harvard in 1900, Brown 1900, Yale 1901, Johns Hopkins 1902, Wisconsin 1904 and Columbia 1905. He was instructor at Brown University during 1879-81; and at Harvard in 1885-6. He became professor of comparative philology at Cornell in 1886 and at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, Greece, in 1896. He is corresponding member of the Kaiserliches Archæologisches Institut. He is author of The Greek Noun-Accent; Analogy in Language; Introduction to the History of Language; Dionysos and Immortality; Organization of Higher Education in the United States; and Life of Alexander the Great. He was editor of the department of philology in Johnson's Universal Cyclopedia and in Macmillan's Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology.