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Ximenes de Quesada (zĭ-mē' nēz dā kā-sä' dä) Gonzalo, a Spanish explorer, was born in Granada in 1498, and came to America in 1535, when, under the orders of Governor Santa Marta, he took command of an expedition against the Chibcha Indians in New Granada. After enduring great privations and overcoming all obstacles, he conquered the cities of Tuna and Iraca, where he secured a vast quantity of treasure, which he divided among his soldiers. In 1538 Ximenes founded the city of Bogota in Colombia, and soon after sailed for Europe with Frederman from Venezuela and Benalcazar from Quito, in order to refer all matters in dispute between them to the king. Ximenes was at first fined and suspended from his offices by the king, but afterwards was sent to New Granada with the title of marshal. In 1561 he was appointed governor-in-chief, a position which he continued to hold until his death at Mariqueta, Feb. 16, 1579.